long long time...

I am deeply ashamed that I never updated the blog. But at least the reason is that I'm busy making stuff! And don't forget that I also have to move from Atlanta to Columbus ...

Anyway, here's the things I've made so far since my move in August

  • Picovoli t-shirt
  • Hourglass sweater
  • Bunny from Jess Hutch's website
  • and a few small things, like a crochet slipper and a crochet box
  • and one UFO, man's sweater from Simple Knits with a Twist
The reason why it's a UFO is because I'm discouraged from finishing it. The intended receiver (a.k.a. hubby) complains that it's too itchy. Well, I am using Reynold's Lopi so maybe there's some truth in what he's saying, but ... let's just hope I'll finish it before Christmas, or at least before winter ends in Ohio!!!

I also have a lot of wish list, that is things to be made. But I better not put it here, just in case I'm not making it. So, as soon as I finish something I'll definitely post something, I hope ...


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