After filling out the questionnaire the other day (btw that's for Secret Pal 7, more on this later), I dare myself to take a peek at my oldest UFO. It was supposed to be Fiery Bolero from IK Summer '05. I made it from Jaeger Trinity with 2 strands held together. Because this is my first sweater, I didn't bother to make a gauge swatch. Boy, I learn that the hard way. I've frogged it three times and it still didn't fit right so I just dumped it in the corner of the closet.
Finally, I took it out two days ago and frogged it once again. I happen to have Alterknits with me (just borrowed it from the library last week), and there's this one project that uses Jaeger Trinity! Is that an omen or what? It's a tanktop with a sewn lace up panel on the backside, the Modern Bustier. Even though I don't really know what I'm gonna wear it with, I just thought, what the heck, I have the yarn anyway. So I cast on on Wednesday morning. Knit endlessly this two days, and tonight I'm starting on the straps.

I still have to buy the silk fabric and eyelets to totally finish it.

Now an exciting news: I'm joining Sercet Pal 7! I'm so excited about it. What kind of match would I get? Will we have the same interests? This is my first Secret Pal so I don't really know what to expect. I'm just very very excited. I can't wait until January.


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