Better Things To Come

An old church in Semarang, Gereja Blenduk

Finally some news on SP thing. My hostess is gonna find me an angel to replace my missing spoiler. I already know who my missing spoiler is, but better not to say who it is. Anyway, I thank you who's going to be my angel! And for Cecily, I will try to find something this weekend to make up for the missing package.

The backside of Prairie Tunic is done. My gauge is way of off, row wise. How is it possible? Stitch wise is ok, but my row gauge is off by 10 rows. Well, I just added few extra rows and just see what happens after I sewed it. So, no pictures because it looks really ugly now. Curled up everywhere and uneven knitting.

My friend just got pregnant. I already checked out a lot of baby knitting books to make something for her. I have some dark grey dk weight yarn. I'm not sure if it's the appropriate baby color, but I don't really like the idea of pastel color on babies. It just seemed too much. Maybe some organic cotton would be nice, I might be tempted not to give it away then.

Dark grey Jaeger merino and Rowanspun aran from Beeknits


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