Progress Report

Front side of Squarey is done. Now I have 10 rows for the backside. Somewhat Cowl is progressing slowly, too slow for me. Too many stockinette stitch! I'm still a little more than halfway on the raglan increase. There's still 5 more inches to go. I'm getting bored already. But I HAVE to finish this before I went back.

Today I have lunch with two new friends. One doesn't want to have anything to do with knitting and the other one wants to start again after seeing my Sweater with Wide Collar. We went to Temptations in Dublin and she (the friend that knits) had a great fun. She found a pattern but didn't have the time to find the yarn because she need to pick up her kids. I just sat in one of the tables and chatted with a nice old lady. It's really great to interact with other knitters. I wish I could do it more.


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