Meet My New Friends!

On the background is the green monster that I got at Plush Rush. The bear is from Jess' booklet (which is unfortunately no longer on sale). Both of those are from December. I made the dark blue Juju for husband. The head is not completely round, looks a little bit like pumpkin head. His ugliness doesn't prevent him being in the picture because he's new. I'm gonna banish him to some dark place where I can't see him. Finally, the small yellow thing in the middle is Odd Fellow. Another cute little thing from Jess. I plan to make one more today, it's either Spherey or Dolly.

My SP got her package yesterday and she's happy. That makes me happy too. I can't give you pictures, but I can tell you what I send. One hand-kntted thing, one hank of yarn, and candies because it's Valentine. I still have to make one more thing for her and send it before I go back.


Blogger kristinknits said...

Very cute stuffed guys! I am making the June Bug for the JH book. I love everything in there ... so cute!

6:20 PM  

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