Getting Better

It's been a week since I posted. Not so much going on this week. Our tax return is done and on its way to the government. I started two new projects, Bad Juju and Fiery Bolero. I need to make one more arm and finish the juju head, embroider the facial feature and heart, and it will be done. This is for husband, he likes that kind of things.

I cast on Fiery Bolero on Wednesday using the yummy apple green RYC CashCotton. The yarn is soooooo soft and fluffy and warm and everything! I love it to death! I was gonna use it to make Somewhat Cowl, but I just can't see myself wearing it in green. So, it's gonna be a lovely little shrug for summer.

This bolero pattern seems to be coming along quite nicely. I'm thinking to make another one in Cotton Fleece. Red would be nice, or deep purple. The hard thing is none of my LYS carried it. There's this one Ebay store that sells almost every colour of Cotton Fleece, but I can't imagine the colour just by watching the monitor. I haven't decided what colour I want for Pale Blue Jacket either. Why do we have so much colour to choose for?

I found this little coin purse by Luella. It's just too cute! They have the clutch too. Anyone wanna buy it for me? hehe...

We went snowboarding today, the longest that we've ever stayed there. I'm getting better! I can zig zag but not too far because I get tired easily. I never would've guessed that I could be this good. I'm proud of myself.

*Edit* AAAARRRGHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I just had to frog 6 inches of Fiery Bolero!! I didn't do one yarnover way down there so I HAD to rip it. Oh yeah, I do an all-over lace pattern from the Wrap Cardi in Rebecca 29. I don't want to just do a big boring piece of stockinette stitch. I got my inspiration here. Of course my lace pattern is not that elaborate. That's why I had to rip out 6 inches of my hard work--I already done like a hundred tiny frogging on the first few inches because I kept making mistakes--this is quite a setback.

One more last thing, last night I was pretty upset because I can't solve this one particular sudoku puzzle. I hate sudoku right now.


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