Sunny Day

It's been a long time since I woke up with sunshine on my windows. Last week maybe, but it just seem like a loooooong time ago.

I got my SP7 match yesterday!!! I've already sent email to my giftee and received email from my gifter. I have some ideas on how to spoil my giftee. I'm not exactly sure because she didn't blog much about her knitting lately. Well, I just have to read her blog again then.

My WIP right now is the Sweater with Wide Collar from Rebecca. Not so much pattern that I want to make in the magazine but I'm really interested in the Pale Blue Jacket (scroll down to Rebecca 29). Isn't just pretty? I'm thinking maybe this is THE sweater that I should splurge on. It's either GGh Scarlett like the one they use on the magazine, or Rowan Cotton Glace. I haven't decided what color I want the jacket either. I want some color that I can use day or night for spring and summer.

But I'll save it for later. I'm gonna spent my time knitting the Wide Collar Sweater. I'm using the dusty pink Jaeger Merino that I got from the sale at my LYS. Right now I'm doing the armhole shaping for the backside. I've already frogged it a bit yesterday because I made a wrong calculation. I was so surprised when I first got the magazine because the pattern is so vague. It just said decrease every 2nd row, or increase evenly 8 times. Thank God, I'm not math-challenged. We'll just see how it turned out later. Oh, and I simply don't understand the instructuons for making the shawl collar. Maybe it'll make more sense once I knit it. No trying to make socks for me this week, or next week for that matter. I'm just gonna do the lovely pink sweater.

One more thing, my giftee said on her questionnaire that she would love to receive a hand-knit socks. Pressure, pressure, pressure!!


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