Knitting Basket

I just finished making a knitting needle cover today. It really makes me happy ... sob ... it's made from fabric remnants from my Ikea pillowcase and fat quarters from JoAnn. And my monogram on the front. No closing yet because I can't think of any, so I just fold it and put it inside the basket.
There it is with five skeins of colorful Lamb's Pride to make Jess Hutch's stuffies, one skein of Caron, my notions box, and the half finished bolero jacket peeking out. I buy that green caron yarn at Walmart yesterday because the color seems Christmas-y. It will be returned as soon as possible because the sight of it just knida offends me. I think I am part yarn snob now.

There's also that small yellow thing where I poke my scissors and crochet hook. It's called knit cushion, some kind of pin cuhion for knitting. I just found out that there's such a thing! I see it in some knitting magazine, Knit Simple or Simple Knits, I don't really remember. Well, the pattern is for sale here. But I don't think I want to spend $6 for that pattern. So I googled it and found a free one! Here's the free pattern. There's supposed to be four circles, I'm still making the fourth one in bright green.

Isn't it the inside lovely? And it's pretty neat too considering I just began using sewing machine in November.

The outside of the cover with my monogram and the half finished bolero jacket. My LYS kept running out of the yarn! I still need to buy four more skeins. What a bother! It's a good thing I don't really care about dye lots. I was planning on wearing it this holiday. My husband and I want to go to Chicago. It would be nice to wear it on top of some beaded tops. I just have to wait until next year to finish it.


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