Chicago Trip

My husband and I went to Chicago from Monday to Wednesday, and one day in Indiana. The only tourist destination that we went to is Shedd Aquarium, and the most part of the trip is for shopping. I got a wallet from Banana Republic, sweater, jacket, and hoodie from H&M, and a lot of craft stuff. Here's what the craft related things that I bought.

There's three Japanese craft books, Fall 2004 IK, 4 skeins of Jamieson sock yarn, rubber alphabet stamps from Paper Source, and templates for making envelopes. The Japanese books I got from Mitsuwa and the yarn from Stitches and Scones. Lots of lovely things... I'm just so happy. I'll give you a sneak peek of some of the things that interest me.

This is from the knitting book. Lots of pattern that's wearable, maybe. And here's from the other books.

The ISBN numbers are 4-408-62742-9, 4-8347-5303-8, and 4-277-43064-3.


Blogger mindy said...

thanks for showing these- great pics! i'm adding your blog as a link on mine~ you've got some fun projects...

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