Counterpane Pouch

Pattern: Handknit Holidays by Melanie Falick
Yarn: Jamieson Sock yarn in Red

The pattern is quite easy and gives beautiful result. I just love the scallops. I've sewn a lining inside with fusible interfacing so it will hold its shape. I think I will add a wrist strap so I can use it as a wristlet. The book told you to buy a longer zip to be used as the strap but I don't think that pretty enough. So maybe I'll make an I-cord or something else, haven't thought about it. That's reserved for some other day. I'll just use it inside my bigger bags now for small change, lip gloss, or whatever. More photos on my Flickr (on the sidebar).

I still have to sew my Bolero Jacket!!! Oh, why? Why should I sew it? Why can't I just use it rightaway after knitting? And where's my Rebecca 29? I paid for it on Thusrday, so where is it now?


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