I'll start with last Saturday, my Bolero Jacket is done. I finished it quickly while my friend is sitting and waiting on the couch. It was a pretty warm day for winter and the jacket holds up quite well. Even at night when the wind is getting stronger it's still pretty warm but I have to held it with my hand to keep it closed tough.

Then I spent the whole day Monday to make baby booties for husband's coworker's new baby girl. I happen to have Melanie Falick's Knitting for Baby checked out from the library so I made a pair of booties with double pointed needles. It's not really a whole day, more like 6 hours. I'm using the same dusty pink Jaeger Merino DK for the Sweater with Wide Collar. I also made some kind of lunch bag from vellum paper to wrap it.

Yesterday I finished the Sweater with Wide Collar, washed it, spin it on the washing machine, and blocked it on some towel spread out on the carpet. Tomorrow evening I'll wear it for Chinese New Year dinner at my friends' house. I'll take some photos tomorrow before I left.

Wow, a lot of finished things this week. And I also try to do the tax returns in between! Oh, I also sent the first package to my SP this morning. Silly me, I forgot to take any pictures! I just hope she post some photos on her blog. One last thing, I have bought the Somewhat Cowl pattern this afternoon and will be casting on soon (maybe next week), I still have something on the needles for my SP. It's already half way done!

Totally unrelated thing: husband went to the doctor today. He fell pretty hard last week while snowboarding and have been having chest pains all week long so he went to get some questions today. Well, the doctor only gave him some ibuprofen and that's it! He's not satisfied with the doctor so we''l just see how he feels this weekend.


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