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Quick update on Sweater with Wide Collar: lower ribbing is done, now I'm about 20 rows on the stockinette stitch part. I'm doing both of the sleeves at the same time. It's kinda hard to manage two skeins of yarn at the same time. It kept tangling around with each other.

I need to finish sewing the Bolero Jacket tonight because I want to wear it tomorrow. We're going out lunch (me and husband) and maybe Easton Mall afterwards so I want to show it around.

It's pretty warm here in Ohio so when we went snowboarding tonight, it's very slushy. I got new bruises on my knees. I'm too lazy to wear knee pads. I still don't have any photos of myself snowboarding. I need a proof or something to show everyone that I can do it.

How are you SP? Just wanna say hi! I wonder what are you gonna be sending me?


Blogger Kim said...

Hi Amanda,
I am tagging you for a meme...details on my blog...your blog was the first one I came to while surfing the knitting blog webring...

7:00 PM  

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