Good News (--or Bad News for My SP?)

I'm going back for holiday in Indonesia for a month! Yay! It's actually for 5 weeks, starting in early March to mid April. I'm sorry if I put any pressure for my SP. You're welcome to send your package any time you like. My husband is still gonna be here so he can receive it for me and I can open it as soon as I'm back.

As for my giftee, I'm gonna send her one package before I leave to explain everything and I will send one more package after I got back. Hopefully I'll find something in Golden Dragon or Kinokuniya in Singapore (I'm going there with my mom). Anyway, I just prepare another package for her. It will be sent early next week.


Blogger Sue said...

I'm going to Singapore in May!! Can't wait to go back to my 'homeland' and eat some rojak!! :)

2:19 PM  

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