I've been looking at my balances and everything. Apparently, during the last 6 months that I have moved to Ohio, I have spent over $700 on my craft supplies! So far, I have finished Picovoli, Hourglass, husband's sweater, Bolero Jacket, Sweater with Wide Collar, and Fiery Bolero, also some small stuff like plush, pouch, headband, and scarf. Those would take up more than $350 (based on my rough calculation). I also have maybe 4 or 5 cuts of fabric, none of those is over a yard. An alphabet stamp set that I got in Chicago, scrapbooking papers, giftwraps, tissue papers, and ribbons.

I think that's it. So where did all the money went? If I gave it a little more thinking, the average spending is about $100 per month. So it is possible. I need to knit much much slower so I don't have to buy yarn that often.


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