Still Jet-lagged

I've come back on Monday morning, after a total of 48 hour trip. Whew! So it's understandable if I'm a little jet-lagged until now. This morning I woke up at 4, so I finished reading on Soong Dynasty. Pretty good, if you omit all the political details. It's an old library book and the hardcover is shedding all over my white bed linens.

I haven't done any knitting since I got back. I have no knitting mood whatsoever. But I do have the mood for yarn shopping. I've bought Rowanspun Aran from Jade's destashing and some lace weight merino yarn from my LYS. Even with no knitting mood, I want to stash some yarn to make something, someday. Especially some lacy shawls and summer cardigans.

I've been trying to do smocking. The result is pretty good, but doesn't really look like the one in the Japanese craft book. Well, as long as people don't see what it's supposed to be, I'll get along fine.

By the way, this morning in my LYS, I weared my Apple Green Bolero and received many compliments on it.

I'll be posting pictures soon. I have to charge the battery first. This post seemed very random. I kept jumping at differnt things. Blame the jet-lag.


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