Indian Lake on a cloudy Saturday

Fishing went okay. Nothing special with Indian Lake, it's cloudy so I couldn't fully appreciate the beauty of the lake. My husband lost two of his baits. One got stuck in a tree and the other one got stuck on the rocks by the lake shore. He didn't catch any fish, but his coworker did. It's not a satisfying trip for him. As for myself, you can read later on.

I checked out One Skein this morning from the library. Lovely little book, there's just so many possibilities that I have to contain myself. Make everything with just one skein! I can try out all those expensive yarns that I would never even consider buying. I can just imagine Lorna's Laces, Kid Silk Haze, Blue Sky Organic Cotton, Rio de la Plata, Koigu PPM, or any kind of Noro. Oh, my! Thank God my husband almost never read this blog, he don't really have a clear idea how much money I spent on yarn.

Prairie Tunic is progressing quite well. I brought it to Indian Lake yesterday with the result of 8 total rows for the front side. Still along way you think, eh? But that's very good, because I had planned to put it down after finishing the back side. So I congratulate myself for my determination hahaha...


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