On Nothing

No knitting activity at all after Apricot Jacket is done. It's not my fault I have nothing to knit (Trellis Scarf is conveniently forgotten). I've ordered some yarns from my LYS, but it haven't arrived yet. Why didn't I buy yarns from the internet, you ask? I just prefer my LYS where I can hold the exact yarn. Maybe next time.

In two weeks, I'll be in NYC.Imagine all the shopping that can be done! I want to go to Soho, where there is Purl and Purl Patchwork. And then Habu Textiles and School Products. Of course, there will be some sightseeing. We want to walk the whole length of Central Park, if it's possible. Also the whole length of Brooklyn Bridge. I should prepare my comfortable footwear.

Today, we're going to a friend's wedding. I'll be wearing a dark orange silk skirt and flesh-colored lace blouse with a bustier underneath. The lace blouse has a row of beading on the neckline. I'll be doing my hair up with some pale pink pearls studs. I'll try to take pictures if I have the time.

Happy weekend!


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