Mama Bird

There's a bird that's using our hanging flower pot as her nest. She already got one baby bird hatched and another one coming along. Is this a good omen or what?

Knitting is going steady, you won't see any results this time though because I'm just too lazy take pictures, put it up on Flickr, and put it here. Maybe after some modeled shots. I'll give you descriptions only for now.

I'm making Apricot Jacket (Rebecca 27) with some serious modifications. I just need to sew the sleeve to the body. Trellis Scarf is knitted up to 25%. Those are the knitted stuff, and next are the unknitted.

Baby sweater is neglected somewhere on my closet, I have to finish this before I visit the mommy-to-be in New Hampshire in July. Somewhat Cowl is about to be unraveled when I have the time. It's just not working out for me, I don't think I would ever wear it. Prairie Tunic is also cancelled, also not working for me.

The new Magknits is up. How 'bout this one?

About that New Hampshire trip, we will be visiting a lot of places too. Niagara Falls, Maine, Boston, and NYC! All packed up in one week of driving. I hope I have enough time to linger in yarn shops before my husband lost his patience. I've planned to go to Purl, School Products, and Habu Textiles. I haven't checked on the Boston yarn shops though. Lots of planning to do!

I'll put up more photos as soon as I take it hehe...


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