All In A Day's Work

I refuse to give up on Trellis Scarf, I re-casted this morning. Tonight, I'm few rows short for the first trellis repeat. Everything went well all day during the border pattern and first rows for trellis pattern. Then... tonight when I picked it up again after dinner, I lost one stitch! Where is it? I'm just too tired to try and find it. Lace knitting is quite stressing on the eye, on the mind too for that matter.

I did find that using Inox needles is much more helpful than Addis Turbos, they have more grip on the yarn, just like Master Eunny said on her Majoring in Lace article. I also read somewhere on someone's blog that she used a ton on stitch markers to mark every pattern repeat. Those two tips works great. I must confess that I toke off my markers in the end, that's why I lost one stitch.

I will devote myself to Trellis Scarf again on Monday. No knitting activity this weekend. Tomorrow, I'm visiting J. Crew and for Sunday there's a baby shower. I'm not giving away the 1824 Cotton baby cardigan at this shower. It will be saved for another friend.


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