Is slumping the correct word for no knitting activity since last week? I've completely frogged the Trellis Scarf-to-be. Apparently there's more than one or two mistakes and you can see it clearly, especially after the trellis lace began. Maybe I should try an easier pattern to start my lace experience. How about Kiri?

The 1824 Cotton that I got from Jackie is already knitted into baby cardigan for a friend. Only one more sleeve to knit. It's a wonderful yarn. Working with it reminds me of popcorn somehow. I still have to find the perfect button for it.

Yesterday I went on a day trip, which meant I drove 20 minutes to Dublin and go to all the places where I want to spend my money on. I was hoping to get a top and a pair of shoes. Alas, nothing was good enough to tempt me. The only thing that I bought yesterday is a headband from Banana Republic that looked similar like this except it's from white eyelet fabric. That got me to think that J. Crew had a lot of headbands in tie fabrics. Those are perfect to tame my unruly bangs. Then I browse around their website and decided that I want to be preppy a la J. Crew! I don't want to be hippie or nautical, just preppy with polo shirts and chinos and pleated skirts. I'm even thinking to knit an argyle top. Isn't that just the most wonderful colour combination ever! I'm still excited with the whole preppy thing, I may sound a little ambitious.
I'll get that J. Crew headband first and we'll see what happens when I really see all of their clothes in person.

Enough preppiness, back to the lack of money spending yesterday. I did spent some money on Target. I got Mrs. Meyer's and Method hand soaps. They smelled so divine! Makes me want to wash my hands all the time. I've tried Method dish soap before in pink grapefruit. Oh, you'll positively smile when you wash your dishes.

Combining the lack of knitting and money spending, I resisted the temptation to go to the yarn shop! It's my punishment for not touching any of my projects. Don't worry, I'm only grounding myself until this weekend. Besides, I got Rebecca 27 from Lori's destashing to dream on for the rest of the week. They have an argyle top in orange and fuchsia, and also the famous Apricot Jacket.

Other non-knitterly things, we received a pair of free ticket to the Columbus Zoo and another pair for CAPA Summer Movies. They're acting as an apology from the cable company because we have a few wrong charges last month. I have a suspicion that everybody's receiving it regardless of wrong charges or not. It doesn't really matter anyway, we have free tickets! My candidates are are Brigadoon, Casablanca, Giant, and The Man that Knew Too Much.

Hope my post entertains you, even though there's no pictures. I'm ashamed to show my lack of knittingness. Well, I'm off to yoga class now.


Blogger knitdaisyknit said...

I'm glad to hear you liked the yarn. I had baby items in mind when I purchased it. I hope you'll post pictures of it when you can! What pattern did you use?

8:25 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

I'm using Erika Knight's Knitting for Two. The original pattern used Rowan Summer Tweed.

7:18 AM  

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