Ta daaa...

Ooh, what a big box from my angel!

I just got my package this morning. My heart is still fluttering because I'm just too happy. I'm in love all over again with this Secret Pal exchange. Maybe I'll sign up again for SP9. Oh, I almost forgot, my wonderful angel is Jackie. Please check out her blog. Words can't express my gratitude for you, Jackie! Here's all the lovely stuff that she sent me.

What a coincidence, I secretly want to try some 1824 Cotton

I almost scream with happiness when I saw the scrapbook kit

Save the best for last, One Skein!

Once again, I say thank you! I love everything. I'm considering to bring everything to bed with me tonight hehe...

On the sidelines, I've cast on for Trellis Scarf from IK Spring '06. The beginning border is just done, with a mistake or two. I already frogged a few rows and decided that I'm not going to frog it again since I can't find those mistakes unless I observe stitch by stitch carefully. I promise myself I won't try to look for mistakes as long as the stitch count is correct and every yarnovers are there. Anyway, here's a lovely example of the finished piece. I added three more pattern repeat, so it will be a little bit wider.


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I'm glad the package arrived so fast and that you like it!

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