Well, I'm off to Columbus tomorrow. It's a long drive from Georgia, 10 hours on the car... sigh...


Finished Stuff

Here's all the things I've knitted this year. There's only two, actually. I need more projects and more time!
The first is a penguin toy. It's supposed to be called Pasha (from Knitty), but my husband called it Pingu. So that is the name. The other one, that I just finished today is Unbiased. I really love the yarn! I couldn't wait to wear it after I washed it today, so I went grocery shopping with a slightly damp bag.

Unbiased, finished today!

Pingu, finished April

Lost in Atlanta

First planned visit to my LYS. I've been planning to go to Strings and Strands since a long time ago but never get a chance to. Next week I'm going to Ohio, so I feel like I have to visit my LYs first before going to LYS in another state. I got lost there, the streets are always confusing here in Atlanta. Or is it just my sense of directions? I did print the map from Google but forgot to bring it...
I went there today with two projects in mind, the Drop Stitch Shrug and the Fiery Bolero, both from Interweave Knits Summer 2005. Didn't find anything that I like because I'm too overwhelmed by all the yarns. I'm still not used going to yarn stores so I always get confused. Tonight I've done my research and I've decided what yarn I'm gonna try to find in Ohio.
  • Cascade Pima Silk
  • Katia Fanny
  • Classic Elite Attitude
  • Rowan Summer Tweed
  • Debbie Bliss Cathay
Actually, one of the patterns call for Alchemy Synchronicity. But it's $18.50 per skein! I don't have the heart to buy yarn that expensive. Maybe after I've made something useful and wearable...


First Entry

My first blog ever! I never write anything, anywhere, anytime. So this is a tiny baby step for me.