On Nothing

No knitting activity at all after Apricot Jacket is done. It's not my fault I have nothing to knit (Trellis Scarf is conveniently forgotten). I've ordered some yarns from my LYS, but it haven't arrived yet. Why didn't I buy yarns from the internet, you ask? I just prefer my LYS where I can hold the exact yarn. Maybe next time.

In two weeks, I'll be in NYC.Imagine all the shopping that can be done! I want to go to Soho, where there is Purl and Purl Patchwork. And then Habu Textiles and School Products. Of course, there will be some sightseeing. We want to walk the whole length of Central Park, if it's possible. Also the whole length of Brooklyn Bridge. I should prepare my comfortable footwear.

Today, we're going to a friend's wedding. I'll be wearing a dark orange silk skirt and flesh-colored lace blouse with a bustier underneath. The lace blouse has a row of beading on the neckline. I'll be doing my hair up with some pale pink pearls studs. I'll try to take pictures if I have the time.

Happy weekend!


Apricot Jacket

Click for bigger picture, ignore my jammies

The classic Apricot Jacket, 7 skeins of Berroco Touche, with major modifications. I shortened the sleeves, as you can obviously see. I have to recount the stitches from the original pattern and it worked out well. This would be more wearable in summer than the long sleeve version. The yarn is wonderful for cotton, actually it's cotton and rayon blend. Not too shiny and not too crisp, but a little bit splitty. What do you think of my version of Apricot Jacket?

By the way, why does my pictures always look grainy? Does anyone know how to lose the graininess?


Another One

Guess what? Our bird move away to give way to another family! A new mama bird is nesting on our flower pot now. She already got one egg laid on Sunday morning. The flower pot must be a high demand place for birds. Words got around that it's a great spot for raising babies haha...

"You know, I have my babies in this beautiful spot with purple flower. Sure, sometimes those big creatures pour water on us, but still it's always nice and sunny, and we don't get that much rain on our feathers. My babies are getting bigger, so anyone can have my old place. It already got a nest too, so you can move right in." -mama bird #1 to other mama birds-to-be.


More Teal Gable

Green Gable, 2 skeins of Cotton Fleece in New Age Teal

I'm knitting the smallest size plus 4 extra rows for the yoke area. I don't want my Gable to squash me. For the body, I did 3 paired decreases and 3 paired increases on each side. I don't know how long the sweater's supposed to be in the pattern, I use the masurements of my favorite tee and it's about 14 1/2" from underarm to the cast off edge.

This is perfect. Do you think I can wear it in the hot and humid days of summer? Not that it matters now, it's still spring in here.


Sad News

Our bird is not here anymore. Yesterday afternoon, my husband tried to water the plant. He does that regularly, sometimes the bird just stay in her nest, watching cautiously and sometimes she flew away for a while and then flew back again after the watering is done. It's the same usual watering process yesterday, but this time she flew away with her two baby birds. Well, not baby birds anymore, more like teen birds. They didn't come back.

We don't know what happen to them. I'm hoping that they find a new place, our flower pot is getting a little bit crowded, not enough space for three grown up birds, even the dad come over quite a few times. I'm sure they just move to a bigger and better place.

My Teal Gable is done this morning. Right now, it's blocking on the carpet by the sofa. It fit perfectly before I washed it. Let's hope it will stay that way tomorrow.


Teal Gable

One Gable on the way

The gable looks very promising, I can't wait to wear it. Meanwhile, I'm interested in this. She always makes wonderful piece with simple stockinette stitch and top down knit. I hope the gauge match the yarn that I already frogged out of Somewhat Cowl.

Trellis Scarf is on hold while I put all of my efforts on Gable. By the way, it's already 45%.


As Promised

Here's my skirt, the sewing is not so neat, the hem is not finished, and it needs ironing, but I still can model it for you.

Simplicity 4496

New project

For extra pictures, here's my Green Gable all bunched up on the table. When I got home after buying the Cotton Fleece, I just realized that I chose the same color as the knitted pattern. I printed my pattern in black and white (ink cartridge crisis) so no any reference whatsoever with the Zephyr gals in choosing the color. Unintentinally, this is my first time knitting with the intended yarn and color. This project is soothing to the hands and eyes compared to Trellis Scarf. I just knitted a few rows while watching Domino. Choco is hot!


Sewing Magic

I made a skirt this morning (Joann fabric, Simplicity 4496). Just one quick post, I have to go out right now. Modeled shots tomorrow, I promise.


In Search of...

.. a new sofa! And the contenders are Lilleberg, Karlanda, Camden, and Shelter. Not all can be tried out though. The Pottery Barn one is only available online, although I already received a fabric swatch. CB2 only have stores in Chicago so If I'm interested to try sitting on it, might as well go to Ikea to try out the other two.

Meanwhile, let me show you Trellis Scarf, 30% knitted.

Can you see our bird's nest in the background?


Mama Bird

There's a bird that's using our hanging flower pot as her nest. She already got one baby bird hatched and another one coming along. Is this a good omen or what?

Knitting is going steady, you won't see any results this time though because I'm just too lazy take pictures, put it up on Flickr, and put it here. Maybe after some modeled shots. I'll give you descriptions only for now.

I'm making Apricot Jacket (Rebecca 27) with some serious modifications. I just need to sew the sleeve to the body. Trellis Scarf is knitted up to 25%. Those are the knitted stuff, and next are the unknitted.

Baby sweater is neglected somewhere on my closet, I have to finish this before I visit the mommy-to-be in New Hampshire in July. Somewhat Cowl is about to be unraveled when I have the time. It's just not working out for me, I don't think I would ever wear it. Prairie Tunic is also cancelled, also not working for me.

The new Magknits is up. How 'bout this one?

About that New Hampshire trip, we will be visiting a lot of places too. Niagara Falls, Maine, Boston, and NYC! All packed up in one week of driving. I hope I have enough time to linger in yarn shops before my husband lost his patience. I've planned to go to Purl, School Products, and Habu Textiles. I haven't checked on the Boston yarn shops though. Lots of planning to do!

I'll put up more photos as soon as I take it hehe...