Shopping Report from Singapore

Knitting related things: 9 balls of off-white Jaeger Sienna, 10 balls of some pale green Australian Wool, and two Clover Bamboo needles.

Other craft things: two Japanese sewing books and one Japanese plush toy book.

Fashion related things: lots and lots of new clothes, one pair of fabulous green velvet peep-toe pumps, and one red washed leather satchel from TopShop.

Muji things: fabric tote bag, two plastic pencil boxes, and sticker (In case you don't know what Muji is, it's a no-brand store from Japan. They have a small shop in MoMA).

That's all, I think. I have little money left to spend.



I've been here for a week and I've spent a quarter of my spending limit. I still have four more weeks to go! I haven't even went to Singapore yet. But I spent most of it for good reasons, to pay my visa, dentist apoointment, and a new pair of glasses.

I got an email today from my Sp\P7 host reminding me to wrap up the last package. Well, I'm still here. So for my giftee, Cecily, please be patient. I'll be back on Monday, April 17. Hopefully I'll mail the last package on Tuesday or Wednesday. I already bought something for you in Taipei.

About my gifter, I don't know what happen to her. She sent me a virtual postcard that I couldn't open. I've sent her an email to explain this. That's pretty much the last time I heard from her. I hope you're still there. Please give me some news to let me know of your plan.

There's no knitting activity in Indonesia. I think it's because of the humidity. Even though I'm using cotton, it's just too hot to sit with a bunch of stuff on your lap. Instead, I've eaten a lot of stuff and visited the acupuncturist and went to a hair salon. This is a great place to get pampered without paying a lot of money.

I don't know how many people visited my blog because I can never see my site counter in here. If anyone from Singapore is reading this, I'll be in Singapore from Saturday, March 25 to Wednesday, March 29. Please leave a comment if you wnat to meet up somewhere.


In the Middle

I'm in Taipei, 11am Tuesday morning local time, 10pm EST Monday night (maybe). It's a 12 hour transit. I'm bored to death. I didn't bring any knitting with me because I'm working on Somewhat Cowl with Addi Turbos. I'm not sure if it's allowed or not in the plane. I've read all of my magazines, stuck on two sudoku puzzles, and ate a bar of Quaker Oatmeal. I have to find some food and kill another 6 hours. Can't wait to get to Indonesia already. And I miss my husband so much...


Up On The Chair

Going snowboarding in a freezing Sunday morning (2 weeks ago)


More Progress

My Somewhat Cowl is coming along, finally. Right now I'm about 4 inches on the body part. The pattern just told you to make a straight tube from armpit to waist. I saw other people making this sweater on their blog and they put decreases. So I worked out my own measurements and I'm plan to make a total of 7 paired decreases for each side. I'm gonna worked out the increases for the hips when I get there.

Neat decreases under the armpit

Seems like a perfect fit when I tried it on