Indian Lake on a cloudy Saturday

Fishing went okay. Nothing special with Indian Lake, it's cloudy so I couldn't fully appreciate the beauty of the lake. My husband lost two of his baits. One got stuck in a tree and the other one got stuck on the rocks by the lake shore. He didn't catch any fish, but his coworker did. It's not a satisfying trip for him. As for myself, you can read later on.

I checked out One Skein this morning from the library. Lovely little book, there's just so many possibilities that I have to contain myself. Make everything with just one skein! I can try out all those expensive yarns that I would never even consider buying. I can just imagine Lorna's Laces, Kid Silk Haze, Blue Sky Organic Cotton, Rio de la Plata, Koigu PPM, or any kind of Noro. Oh, my! Thank God my husband almost never read this blog, he don't really have a clear idea how much money I spent on yarn.

Prairie Tunic is progressing quite well. I brought it to Indian Lake yesterday with the result of 8 total rows for the front side. Still along way you think, eh? But that's very good, because I had planned to put it down after finishing the back side. So I congratulate myself for my determination hahaha...


Lost and Found

My pal got her package! Yay! I'm glad that it got to her safely, even though a week late. Where did it go during the week? We'll never know.

Today we're planning to go fishing Indian Lake. By we, I mean my husband will be fishing and I will be reading or knitting. Maybe I'll take some pictures too.

Happy Saturday to everyone!


Better Things To Come

An old church in Semarang, Gereja Blenduk

Finally some news on SP thing. My hostess is gonna find me an angel to replace my missing spoiler. I already know who my missing spoiler is, but better not to say who it is. Anyway, I thank you who's going to be my angel! And for Cecily, I will try to find something this weekend to make up for the missing package.

The backside of Prairie Tunic is done. My gauge is way of off, row wise. How is it possible? Stitch wise is ok, but my row gauge is off by 10 rows. Well, I just added few extra rows and just see what happens after I sewed it. So, no pictures because it looks really ugly now. Curled up everywhere and uneven knitting.

My friend just got pregnant. I already checked out a lot of baby knitting books to make something for her. I have some dark grey dk weight yarn. I'm not sure if it's the appropriate baby color, but I don't really like the idea of pastel color on babies. It just seemed too much. Maybe some organic cotton would be nice, I might be tempted not to give it away then.

Dark grey Jaeger merino and Rowanspun aran from Beeknits


Not So Good

Bad experience with USPS. The package that I sent for my SP last week, still hasn't arrived, even though it said so on the track and confirm. And my other SP (the one who's supposed to send me package) seems to be missing. Where are you SP? Can you guys tell me what to do in this situation?

I've cast on for Prairie Tunic. I've stopped working on everything else, Somewhat Cowl and my smocking. This is not good.


Pictures Galore

My auntie's book from the 70's

Another old book from auntie

Amigurumi Style, bought in Singapore

This is a very cool sewing book, bought in Singapore

Another sewing book, bought in Jakarta

Zakka for baby, bought in Jakarta

Attemps on smocking, doesn't look very neat in close-up

Finally some yarn porn, Jaeger Siena, Australian wool, and lace weight merino


Still Jet-lagged

I've come back on Monday morning, after a total of 48 hour trip. Whew! So it's understandable if I'm a little jet-lagged until now. This morning I woke up at 4, so I finished reading on Soong Dynasty. Pretty good, if you omit all the political details. It's an old library book and the hardcover is shedding all over my white bed linens.

I haven't done any knitting since I got back. I have no knitting mood whatsoever. But I do have the mood for yarn shopping. I've bought Rowanspun Aran from Jade's destashing and some lace weight merino yarn from my LYS. Even with no knitting mood, I want to stash some yarn to make something, someday. Especially some lacy shawls and summer cardigans.

I've been trying to do smocking. The result is pretty good, but doesn't really look like the one in the Japanese craft book. Well, as long as people don't see what it's supposed to be, I'll get along fine.

By the way, this morning in my LYS, I weared my Apple Green Bolero and received many compliments on it.

I'll be posting pictures soon. I have to charge the battery first. This post seemed very random. I kept jumping at differnt things. Blame the jet-lag.


In Transit Again

I'm in Taipei again. But now I'm almost home! Only 30 more hours to go hehe...

As sson as I'm home, I have to finish Somewhat Cowl (one more arm and sew the collar), buy Something Red kit from kpixie, and sew, sew, and sew. I bring a lot of fabric with me and two Japanese sewing books. I hope I can sew well enough. I also have to send the long overdue SP package to my pal. Of course I still have to do the usual stuff, cooking and cleaning the apartement, and everything. No more holiday for me.

By the way, I did meet with one knitter in Singapore, it's Lois. Thank you for taking the time to meet me. Wish we can meet again soon.